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nootkatone evolva natural mosquito repellant zika

SynBio Nootkatone now in trials to stop the Spread of Zika

The grapefruit aroma nootkatone is now in field trials to assess its effectiveness against mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus. Good news for Evolva, which figured out a SynBio process to produce the compound. Recently, the Zika went from being considered a …

mrna astrazeneca cardiometabolic dmrna astrazeneca cardiometabolic diseases modernaiseases moderna

AstraZeneca plans Phase I trial with mRNA therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

The collaboration between AstraZeneca and the money-magnet Moderna is giving its first steps. AstraZeneca is filing for authorization of a German Phase I trial, to assess an mRNA therapy for cardiometabolic diseases. Therapies using mRNA have a lot of potential …

Hepatitis gilead vaccine liver HCV

New Vaccine could solve the problem of the costly Gilead’s Hepatitis C ‘Cure’

Artes Biotechnology and Burnet Institute will join their proprietary technologies to develop a novel vaccine for the Hepatitis C virus. This could create a more affordable solution to reduce the high HCV-related mortality. Hepatitis C remains a health problem around …


Interested in jobs at Novartis or AbbVie? They are recruiting in the UK and Germany!

If not, other job opportunities are available at GSK, Agilent Technologies or Merck across several Euroepan countries. Have a look at this week’s opportunity list and see if there’s a match! Good luck! Research and Development Pharmacovigilance Specialist at AbbVie. Wiesbaden, Germany. Click …


Be part of the European BioEconomy! Here are 3 Dutch GreenTech Events this Year

Here are 3 events to Kickstart your GreenTech career. As Europe works towards a BioEconomy, challenges like these offer the opportunity to get involved and make Green ideas come to life. Put together by the students from Wageningen University, here are several bioeconomy and sustainability challenges for …


What is Lithuania’s role in European Biotech?

Since the days of the Soviet Union, Lithuania has always been considered as a leader in life sciences discoveries in Eastern Europe due to its infrastructure. But what about for Biotech? Nowadays, as a member of the NATO, the European Union, …

cancer hypoxia antimalarial drug atovaquone

This Malaria drug is being re-purposed for Cancer Radiotherapy

Cancer Research UK says an old anti-malaria drug could be repurposed as a cancer therapy. In pre-clinical studies, this drug increases oxygen levels in tumors, making them easier to treat with radiotherapy. Atovaquone has been on the market since 2000 as …

Micreos eczema dermatitis mrsa infection antibiotic endolysin

Eczema could also be caused by Superbugs, so how could this Biotech fight it?

A new study has shown that on average, 70% of eczema patients are colonised with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on their skin lesions (which include MRSA). Could this the Dutch biotech Micreos therefore have the solution to preventing spread of antibiotic-resistant strains in Eczema patients? …

Noxxon Pharma Finance cancer biotech refresh

Immuno-Oncology, Biotech IPOs and the Berlin ecosystem with Noxxon’s CEO

Noxxon Pharma is a biotech in Berlin which targets the tumor microenvironment. Here, CEO Aram Mangasarian explains the state of finance in Europe, the challenge of being in Berlin for recruitment, and the ‘target sweetspot’ in Cancer. Having started up back …

hiv vaccine cure gsk sanofi nih

The HIV Frontier will now deploy Phase III Vaccine trials in South Africa

A Phase IIb/III trial for an experimental HIV vaccine will be launched in South Africa. The therapy, co-funded by the NIH and the Gates Foundation, is a combination of two vaccines which are supplied by Sanofi Pasteur and GSK. Developing protective vaccines …

Klaus Reinhard Bischoff merck

Merck and Sigma-Aldrich: Together to solve the toughest problems in life science

In late 2015, the life science business of Merck joined forces with Sigma-Aldrich, bringing together two major life science players and completing the largest acquisition in the history of Merck KGaA, a leading science and technology company based in Darmstadt, …

Inflarx biotech antibody inflammation

German Biotech raises extra €31M to get first-in-class Antibody through trials

InflaRx, a German based biopharma, has raised €31M in a series C fundraising. This is to further advance a potentially first-in-class antibody which targets an acute form of self-inflammation. Based in Jena, InflaRx’s founders originally identified C5a (a protein mostly produced in the liver) …


Inside Labiotech

Biotech marketing native advertising traffic growth

How did we increase the online traffic of this Biotech by 289%?

Helping Biotech companies being more visible is what we do every day, so here’s a case study of how we successfully helped GEG-Tech. GEG-Tech is specialized in customized design and production of lentiviral vectors, and last November we helped to get more visitors onto …


Are you a Startup? The Open-call for #LBRefresh Paris is now open!

Do you and your startup want to be part of the second edition of the most refreshing biotech event in Europe?  Now is your chance! You’ll be able to pitch in front of high-end Investors, CEOs and get the recognition …


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