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Science4Life Venture Cup 2016

Does your business plan need some enhancement? The Science4Life Venture Cup 2016 kicks off today!

The application for Germany’s Science4Life Venture Cup 2016 is now opened! Join the competition to meet sector specific experts, benefit from the experiences of former participants and win up to €25k helping your startup to get to the next level. …


Genentech’s Sean Bohen defects to AstraZeneca as CMO

AstraZeneca‘s Senior management team gets reinforced by Sean Bohen, a top executive from Roche‘s subsidary Genentech. Starting in two weeks, he will push late-stage treatments to the market.  It’s been two months since two senior manager left the struggling AstraZeneca. …

boehringer ingelheim

Researcher in Cardiovascular disease? Apply to this new €1,6M Competition for the next treatment

A new research competition is born. The European Society of Cardiology and Boehringer Ingelheim will award €400k to four research projects treating cardiovascular diseases. Big Pharmas like to give a push to aspiring research projects within their field. GSK is a …

google sanofi

When Tech and Biotech merge, Google and Sanofi partner up to revolutionize Diabetes Management

Taking care of diabetes is still far too complex currently. In future, Sanofi and Google will jointly take care of this problem, hoping to ease the life of millions of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. When it …

Bay Bridge - CC Unsplash

GSK goes to California to hunt for new Innovators

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) zones in on America’s west coast, seeing if the academic world there can bolster up its pipeline.  Among the world’s innumerable academic research projects must be plenty of targets that could turn into medicine. They just need to be …


Review: The Future of Biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology

Immuno-oncology is more than just a hype, it could solve one of humanity’s biggest health challenge: Cancer. In order to bring more effective treatments with fewer side-effects, Biomarkers will play a key role. I wanted to get an expert view …


What happened this week? 40th birthday of Monoclonal Antibodies, Surgerys change Microbiome, UniQure struggles with FDA …

Some crazy news this week. Did you know that Monoclonal Antibodies celebrated their 40th birthday? Did you also know that it was invented in the UK and that it led to one of the most succesful European Biotech company? Check …

cambridge algal innovation

Cambridge’s Algal Innovation Center is soon finished!

The European Energetic Algae project explores the potential of algae as an energy source. Its half a million euros Algal Innovation Center in Cambridge will soon scale up the research. The Energetic Algae project, shortly EnAlgae, aims to reduce our reliance on …


Sanofi gets competition on its next generation cholesterol drug: Amgen’s one is also FDA approved!

Now the real fight begins. One month after Sanofi‘s new class of cholesterol-lowering drug has entered the American market, Amgen arrives with similar mechanism of action, related results and almost same price. An increased cholesterol level is a major risk …

valneva deal

[Update] Valneva’s duck stem cells attract two new Vaccine-deals

French Valneva continues to sign license agreements for its duck derived stem cell line that produces novel vaccines. Lyon-based Valneva was formed from the 70-year old duck breeder Group Grimaud. It entered the biotech scene in 2000 as Vivalis and today …

uniqure fda

FDA shelves UniQure’s Glybera – will the Gene therapy once reach the US market?

The €1.1M drug Glybera was the first gene therapy on the European market. UniQure wants to sell it in the US too, but the FDA makes it much more difficult than expected. UniQure’s financial report of the first half of …


Dutch Immuno-Oncology company raises Massive Series C Financing round

Sofinnova Ventures and Novo A/S step into one of the biggest European series C financing rounds, which is about €72.8 million. The money goes to the Dutch immuno-oncology company Merus and will advance its cancer-fighting bispecific antibodies. Back in April, …


Inside Labiotech

Labiotech V3

1st day of September, here comes Labiotech V3

Hi there, Holidays are over, so let’s start September right away in the right dynamic. We worked hard this summer and especially Alexis, our web dev intern, and Nicolas to deliver you this V3 of These are the 5 …


50 000 visitors came between January 1st and today, that’s crazy !!

Hi there, I must say I was also surprised seeing this crazy number, but it’s true. 50 000 visitors have been visiting since January 1st. That’s so amazing! A big energy boost to finish the summer in the office and …


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