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Joachim Eeckhout

Co-Founder & COO of, MS in Biotechnology & MS in Management of Innovation from University Paris-Dauphine and Mines ParisTech.


How we grew from 0 to 40,000 Monthly Visitors in 18 Months?

The first 18 months of our startup have been like a marathon for us, where each new visitor was like one more kilometer to conquer. Growing a digital media is not an easy task, especially if you want to build …


I tried the Amazon for labs, and it makes life way easier!

Ordering a kit for an experiment could quickly become a nightmare. There are an incredible amount of suppliers out there who are selling similar products that could greatly vary in price and quality. Finding a neutral review on these products is …


Today is World Lupus Day! Meet the people who are fighting this Rare disease

World Lupus Day is an initiative to increase the awareness around this disease which affects more than 5 million people worldwide. Last week in Paris, the biotech company Neovacs, which develops an innovative therapy against lupus, had gathered researchers, entrepreneurs …


Interview with Two Key People of the Fight Against Lupus

I was in Paris this week in the building of the Rare Disease Alliance, an association helping patients affected by a rare disease. The association lend their space to Neovacs, a biotech company from Paris, which was organising a gathering of experts of the …

agilebio LIMS lab automation

5 steps to Transform your Laboratory into an Automated Workspace!

Today’s laboratories work with a range of information sources – from samples, results, tests, storage, budget, client’s requests and so on. In this way, information finds itself at the heart of a lab, and is crucial for efficient research. Automation and digitalization of …


Significant doubts about Welsh Government handling of Biotech VC fund

The Wales Life Sciences Fund was intended to attract Biotechs and Pharma to this part of the UK – but the governmental oversight of the establishment of this £50M fund has been criticised  in a report by the Wales Audit Office… [Editor’s …

cover Plasmidfactory

High Quality Grade plasmids for a better gene therapy

Quality of RNA and viral vectors used in clinical trials is subject to strict regulation. Plasmids that are needed for production of these complex molecules are also on authorities’ radar. German-based biotech PlasmidFactory, delivers the right solution with its High …

Digital Media Biotech News website

Why will the Future of Biotech Media will be Digital?

Print Media are having a hard time since the explosion of digital content and Biotech Media are having the same problem. As a representative of Biotech Digital Media, we believe that the future of our field is online. Here’s some explanation on …

biotech scandal 2015

The 3 Worst Biotech Scandals of 2015!

2015 was tarnished by scandals that will certainly stay in minds for a long time (just need to mention the FIFA and Volkswagen to give you an idea). The Biotech world has not been spared by scandals and here is a …

event biotech europe

Discover the Biotech events we loved in 2015!

As a Media, we’re spending some time on Biotech events and conferences all around Europe, to provide you with the best insight of these places. Here is a short selection of events we loved in 2015 and we want to …

biotechnology biotech article

Roll out the Red Carpet! Here are the Most Popular Articles of 2015!

The end of the year is always a good time for a little retrospective. Here’s an overview of the posts you saw the most in 2015. Discover them or read them again and don’t hesitate to share 😉 Enjoy the ranking! N°1: The …

PSDI 2015 Structural biology

“Structural Biology is changing the way we design drugs”

Structural biology, the study of the structure of biological macromolecules, is becoming a real asset in the drug development process. The PSDI meeting is THE not-to-be-missed event for the experts in this field. gives you a glimpse of the …