Helping Biotech companies being more visible is what we do every day, so here’s a case study of how we successfully helped GEG-Tech.

GEG-Tech is specialized in customized design and production of lentiviral vectors, and last November we helped to get more visitors onto their website. The campaign was a great success, leading this company to an increase in sales and to close a deal with a Big Pharma.

When GEG-Tech approached us, the initial goal was to promote their market place for lentiviral vectors. One important aspect for them was to educate people on the role of these vectors in Biotech.

We concluded that the best option would be to promote their platform through a sponsored post (if you want to find out more about what these are, read my previous post on native advertising).

We finally decided on the following title:

GEG-Tech Labiotech CART

During our discussions with GEG-Tech, we discovered that they were launching new vectors dedicated to the CAR-T therapies (genetic engineering of T-cells for immuno-oncological applications). CAR-T is hugely hyped up at the moment, so it was obvious for us to work around this topic.

The goal of the article was to educate people on the specific role of lentiviral vectors to create CAR-Ts (I invite you to read it here). The last part of the article was dedicated to the advantages of GEG’s vectors. We also integrated links redirecting to their CAR-T page to bring visitors to their website.

Part of the value of a sponsored post is that it can be easily spread online to increase the reach. That’s what we did with this article; we published it on our social media pages and newsletter and also published banners that redirect to the article (see below).

CAR-T GEG-Tech Lentiviral vectors

GEG-Tech also played a role and shared the article in their own community, thus keeping contact with their network and showing a quality content related to their product.

And now the impressive results…

Since the publication of our article, the online traffic of GEG-Tech has broken the records! The week of publication their traffic increased by 289% compare to usual average!

The CAR-T page on their website has become a real sales driver. This page has generated 8% of their total online sales and 11% of their total contacts!

Case Study Online GEG-Tech Labiotech

50% of the traffic on their CAR-T page was generated by

The value here is also more than just numbers: this article has generated additional valuable outcomes!

Last June, GEG-Tech flew to the USA to attend the BIO International Convention, the biggest Biotech event in the world. During this event, the team has been able to close an important deal with a Big Pharma company, which heard about GEG-Tech thanks to our article.

Sponsored posts are therefore a great way to advertise a company. The benefits can be huge and visible on a longer term than other advertising methods.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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