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Medpace is a full-service CRO with a reputation for managing complex and challenging clinical studies, including those in rare diseases and orphan indications. With coverage across the globe, Medpace has the experience and country-specific expertise to plan and carry out trials in all sizes. 

We collaborated with Medpace to create a brand awareness campaign in the form of a wide-reaching and impactful article. By combining an expert interview with article creation and promotion, we were able to support Medpace in raising awareness and establishing credibility among the biotech community. 


From a marketing perspective, Medpace wanted to raise its profile and awareness among clinical-stage biotechs in Europe. Though globally active, it can nevertheless be hard to reach the target audience and establish credibility.

In particular, Medpace wanted to communicate its deep knowledge of the biotech space and provide insights into its unique considerations on clinical development for rare diseases and orphan indications.

Medpace approached us to reach a wider audience in Europe and use our unique voice and positioning in the European biotech community to create trust and improve recognition.


Discover here how we set up the brand awareness campaign in the form of an article. We combined our writing and marketing skills with our extensive knowledge of the biotech industry to leverage Medpace’s expertise and experience in the rare disease and orphan drug space.


With support from our experienced business development team, Medpace decided on a topic for the article. Throughout the project, we worked hand in hand to tailor the content so it would address their needs.

First, we conducted an interview with one of Medpace’s internal experts. The information from the interview was used for quotes and as a foundation for the article.

Medpace was allowed three article reviews. The first two reviews were allotted to the revision of the content, the third to the article preview, which showed Medpace how the article would look on our website. Throughout the article creation process, both our campaign manager and science journalist stayed in constant communication with the Medpace team.

"Through interviews and article reviews with our internal subject matter expert, we were able to establish credibility with the readers while also providing valuable content and insights.”

Julie Hopkins, Senior Marketing Strategist at Medpace

The core value of the article creation process is to maintain the quality of our content. The text was written in a straight-forward and friendly tone to match our style and preserve our community feeling while fulfilling Medpace’s needs at the same time.


The content was published on and promoted across our digital channels. With the help of our custom designed Google DataStudio dashboard, the client gained a live insight into the growing number of page views, channel acquisition, device split, and the readers’ country of origin.

“The dashboard is very easy to use. You can quickly ascertain how the project is doing and how quickly you are moving towards the goal. It’s valuable to see the source for traffic as well as the geographic pageviews.”

Julie Hopkins, Senior Marketing Strategist at Medpace


After less than a week, the article had already exceeded its allotted target of 500 page views. The project was successful and achieved the goal of raising awareness and credibility for Medpace among clinical-stage biotechs. During the article’s promotion, Medpace was able to register an increase in traffic to their website.


Our experienced team can guide you through the complex steps of creating a brand awareness campaign. While a dedicated campaign manager accompanies you through each step of the project, a science journalist helps you bring your expert knowledge in front of your target audience. Using our experience and versatile tools, we can raise awareness for your company in the wide-reaching biotech community.

Thanks to Labiotech, you can reach a wide audience, gain awareness and credibility, and deliver your message to the biotech industry. We are a trusted source of information, delivering content to a monthly audience of more than 180K. We report on a wide array of topics covering all areas of biotechnology, from breakthrough discoveries, novel pharmaceuticals and technologies, to impactful mergers and acquisitions.

“The project management and communication were organized, easily accessible, and kept the project on track. Having a scientific journalist as the content creator gave me confidence that the writing would be appealing to a highly-scientific audience. We worked closely with the scientific journalist throughout the project and she was receptive to our feedback while keeping us aligned to the scope of the project.”

Julie Hopkins, Senior Marketing Strategist at Medpace


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