Today is the 3rd International mRNA Health Conference in Berlin. I jumped in the metro to go there and interview the most successful people of the field…

biontech-rna_webWe first interviewed Sean Marett, COO of BioNTech. This German Biotech is the largest private Biotech in EU and so far counts over 400 employees…BioNTech also  recently signed a huge €1.37 billion deal with Sanofi on 5 mRNA therapies program.

Today’s conference was a great opportunity to discuss this deal and to hear Sean’s vision on the future of the Biotech mRNA field.

Founded only 4 years ago, this German biotech is certainly going places then. Last year they opened a massive 10,000 square metre research centre with Ganymed, also located on the Johannes-Gutenberg campus, as well as recently signing a deal with Tech Giant Siemens for another new production plant.


Here’s the interview with Sean…

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