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When it comes to jobs and internships in Biotech and Pharma, you can always rely on to select for you the latest and hottest offers. Our list will definitely contain the right position for you to boost your career and reach the summit! Just choose your lift to your dream job: Maybe as Laboratory Specialist at Merck; or do you fancy an awesome Summer Internship at Illumina? Apply now!

C Ya! And have a good week!

Research and Development


Manager Bioinformatics at Innate Pharma. Marseille, France. Click here


Laboratory Specialist (Metabolite Profiling and Identification) at Merck. Darmstadt, Germany. Click here


Translational Biology Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Manchester, United Kingdom. Click here

Business and Marketing


 Financial Analyst at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Berlin, Germany. Click here


Technical Sales Specialist at BD. Heidelberg, Germany. Click here

Clinical and Production


Validation Deputy for mABS Products at Sanofi. Le Trait, France. Click here


Site Quality Manager at Pall Life Sciences. Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Click here


QA Coordinator Operations at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Basel, Switzerland. Click here



Chemistry Summer Internships 2017 at Illumina. Cambridge, United Kingdom. Click here


Campus Internship M&E Specialist at The Dow Chemical Company. Drusenheim, FranceClick here

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