Following on from BioNext’s software last week, we’re in Kraków to visit Ardigen. This biotech develops technology to help us decipher the huge amount of data generated by research.

Mission: Ardigen came to our attention when it finished 2nd place in the prestigious NCI-CPTAC DREAM-Proteogenomics Challenge – a competition with more than 500 competitors. Universities and research institutes generate huge amounts of data that could support the development of new treatments. Ardigen applies its expertise in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) to areas like genomics and transcriptomics, proteomics, and immunomics, which could help us to make sense of all of this information and speed up the development of precision cancer medicine.

Comment: Although it may not seem like the most exciting area of biotech, the products that Ardigen develops are very important to the drug development process. The biotech is entering the exciting AI field, which Sophia Genetics has combined with liquid biopsies to improve the diagnosis of cancer. In addition, e-Therapeutics acquired two AI experts, Biorelate and Intellegens, to improve its computer-based drug discovery technology.

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