This Austrian Biotech is Advancing Diagnostics for Age-related Diseases

While Vienna is better known for its opera house and delicious apfelstrudel, the city also boasts a number of successful biotechs. This week we had a look at TAmiRNA, a biotech developing new diagnostics for age-related diseases.


Mission: Founded in 2013, TAmiRNA is focusing on microRNAs, a class of small non-coding RNAs that play a major role in the regulation of gene-expression through base-pairing with complementary sequences within messenger RNAs (mRNAs). As microRNA expression is tightly regulated and often subject to change during the onset of disease, circulating microRNAs represent a promising new class of biomarkers. In 2016 the biotech launched the worldwide first miRNA-based kit for early detection of osteoporosis. In addition the company has developed a kit to measure new biomarkers of platelet function and cardiovascular diseases.

Comment: New biomarkers that detect the onset of age-related diseases such as osteoarthritis play a major role for early diagnosis and disease prevention. But as James Peyer, from Apollo Ventures, recently told us at our Labiotech Hangout, such biomarkers will also play a key role to conduct better preventative trials for drugs within the booming anti-aging pipeline. TAmiRNA also just entered a partnership the Swiss bioinformatics company SimplicityBio to identify additional diagnostic microRNAs in the field.

To learn more about microRNAs and their potential as diagnostic tools, have a look at TAmiRNA’s video below.

Images via / RastoS Photographer

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