Wow, One of the Best VCs in the World Will be Opening Refresh!

For the first time, Refresh will welcome fantastic US speakers. We are really proud to have rockstar David Berry from Flagship coming from Boston to do the opening keynote at Refresh on the 8th of June in Berlin!

David is the sort of person that doesn’t exist in Europe. After graduating from Harvard and obtaining his PhD from MIT, he joined Flagship, 2016’s best biotech VC according to Endpoints, where he now serves as General Partner.

He holds over 200 patents and helped build more than 20 companies in life sciences, technology and sustainability, including Seres Therapeutics, Joule Unlimited and Eleven Biotherapeutics — all before turning 40!

Needless to say, we’re big fans and looking forward to his speech. I hope you are too 😉

P.S. All our other speakers are great too, here’s the full list

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