This is a significative milestone, which well illustrates the hype and dynamic EU Biotechs are experiencing right now…

The data was published in a report from our neighbours (and friendly competitors) Berlin-based BIOCOM AG. The full report contains lot of data, but here’s a highlight of few interesting figures:


  • The 191 EU-listed Biotech companies raised €6.26Bn in 2015, twice as high as in 2014 (€3.44Bn)
  • Paris and London have as many Biotech listed on their stock exchanges: 38 each
  • 25 European Biotech companies trade on the NASDAQ
  • Top 3 IPOs in 2015: Adaptimmune (€170M) on NASDAQ, Cassiopedia (€168M) in Zurich, and Biocartis (€115M) in Brussels…
  • €5.05Bn was poured into the companies via follow-on financings, that’s 130% more than last year

For the Data addicts, you should definitely consider having a look at the reports which contain more on these figures, as well as exclusive interviews and trends predictions….Click here to find out more.

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