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Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

19/07/2015 - 24/07/2015


The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering will bring together world-class clinicians, scientists and engineers to discuss materials-related strategies for disease remediation and tissue repair. The theme of the 2015 conference will be “Regenerative Engineering and Functional Materials Integration” and will feature multidisciplinary presentations by bioengineers, chemists and clinical scientists on emerging topics in immunology and stem cells as well as basic and translational aspects of biomaterials science.

Session topics include: Emerging Concepts in Immunity, Harnessing Inflammation for Tissue Repair, Phenotypic Diversity of Inflammary Response, Therapeutic Neovascularization, Strategies to Direct Neural Regeneration, Harnessing Niche Concepts for Regenerative Medicine, Stimulus Responsive Biomaterials, Emerging Concepts in Regenerative Engineering, and Translational Biomaterials Research. The 2015 program also adheres to the GRC directive of holding vigorous formal and informal discussions between researchers at all career stages. There will be poster sessions organized on topical themes to match the session topics.

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