Abivax Spots an Extra Benefit of its Potential HIV Cure

Further interrogation of Phase IIa data confirms that Abivax’s potential HIV cure not only reduces viral reservoir but it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Abivax targets the immune system to fight viral infections, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as well as autoimmune diseases. The company has now confirmed the results from its first cohort of patients during its recent Phase IIa trial. Abivax’s HIV drug, ABX464, significantly reduced patients’ HIV reservoirs over a 28-day period. In addition, the drug had anti-inflammatory effects on rectal tissue, which supports its use for the treatment of inflammatory diseases like ulcerative colitis. This news has caused Abivax’s stock price to rocket by more than 30% this morning as confidence grows in the company’s technology.

A limitation of the Abivax’s first cohort of patients was the lack of data due to “rectal biopsies did not yield enough HIV DNA to make an assessment of the viral reservoir,” Jean-Marc SteensChief Medical Officer of Abivax explained. As a result, the company has made changes to make sure that enough high quality viral DNA is available.” The second cohort of 12 patients has started a 3-month study, which will investigate a 50mg daily dose of ABX464 as opposed to a 150mg dose in cohort 1. Any changes in HIV reservoir and inflammation levels during the study will be followed by the regular and pre-specified sampling of blood and rectal tissue.

Image – Maksim Kryuchkov / shutterstock.com

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