While some might accuse the field of being over-hyped, immuno-oncology continues to attract attention and investment for its potential to cure cancer. What new therapies are European biotech cooking up?

Since the dawn of immuno-oncology broke with checkpoint inhibitors, innovative therapies like Keytruda and Rituxan from big pharma have taken the world by storm. European biotech’s pipeline is full of potential successors born from T-Cell Receptors (TCR), monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), T-Cell Fragments, Chimeric Antigen Receptor-modified T cells (CAR-T) and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL).

Medigene is leading the TCR race, with Immunocore not far behind with its fragments. Celyad and Cellectis are fierce rivals in CAR-T therapy and in a dead heat. The antibody pipeline is jam-packed with biotechs at every stage of development. TILs are a lesser-known area of immuno-oncology, but Cellular Therapeutics has developed one of the most advanced programs in the field.

Check out how far companies and their therapies have come in immuno-oncology!

Major thanks to our guides and Accellerate Partners for their input! Please note that this infographic is not meant to be comprehensive.

Note: TILT is sponsoring a trial in which the TIL is bolstered with an oncolytic virus.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaazhaaaajdjmyzg2nwfmltliogitngiwnc04mmyxltaxyjcxnzvjntmxygJustine Braguy is pursuing a PhD at the Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf and KAUST in Saudi Arabia after obtaining a Masters in Biotechnology at Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS). In her spare time, she creates colourful infographics like this one! Check out her other work for us here.

Infographic by Justine Braguy ; Image from Agor2012/shutterstock.com

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  • Hans

    Great start guys, but seems a very short list. Novartis, Gadeta, TxCell, GSK (Okairos) should at least be added. Also as a category “cancer vaccines.”

  • Dieter Hovekamp

    It is a start – but needs some rearrangements: Adaptimmune is the clear leader in TCR T-cell therapy ( ~10 clinical TCR trials) worldwide and close up is only Immunocore.
    Medigene in this area has many nice preclinical assets and ideas only – a first phase I expected this year – the advanced projects AAVLP and most of its oncolytic Virus developments have been sold to other investors and Amgen.

  • Pierre

    Thanks for this great summary! At some point, it would be good to have a comparative table/infographic with the US for example

  • Alex

    L’approche de Celyad est unique. Utiliser les ligands de l’immunité innée sur des cellules T. Ce qui revient à associer les particularités des deux systèmes de défense du corps .

  • Dieter Hovekamp

    BTW – in case of an update – make sure you get multi-specifics in your chart. Most prominent in Europe beside Micromeds Blinatumomab (bought by Amgen and sold as Blincyto®) are Affimed with its T-cell and NK-cell engagers, Pieris with it’s Anticalins combining checkpoint-inhibitors and other modifiers in the TME (Tumor Micro Environment). Also of interest other recent TME players like Noxxon Pharma with its Spiegelmers.
    For a good review on BsAbs in cancer immunotherapies http://www.mdpi.com/2073-4468/5/1/1/htm

  • Andy Reed

    Your missing Scancells 2 platforms here
    ImmunoBody and Moditope

    • Thanks Andy! However, this infographic is not meant to be comprehensive.