3D-Bioprinting Expert Poietis Launches its Crowdfunding on WiSEED

Three-dimensional printing has already been used to make almost everything but biological applications are still rare. In France, the startup Poietis just launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring its Bioprinting technology to the next stage!

The “3D-Bioprinting” aims at building from scratch new tissues or organs by printing the cells layer by layer. The technique is similar to classical 3D-printer, printing objects by piling up layers of plastic.

However, the first applications are just showing up. Poietis, a French startup, launched a fundraising to develop and manufacture its first product, a biological tissue made by a bioprinter. This type of bioprinted tissue can already be used by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies to screen molecules effects on a synthetic tissue.


But Poietis is a visionary company and its true aim is to bioprint tissues that can be used in regenerative medicine! Imagine the potential. With such a technology, Poietis could be able to print tissues customized for each patient need!


Poietis’ bioprinting machine

The start-up is closely working with Universities and Public research institutes like INSERM, to exploit an exclusive technology: the laser-assisted bioprinting technique. This technique is similar to classical 3D-printing techniques as it assembles the constituents of biological tissues in a layer–by–layer fashion. The special feature of this system is a precise control of the volume of each droplet and its position on the growth medium.

The following video shows how Poietis’ technology is working:

After a selection process by WiSEED, the project is now available to be funded by the crowd. As Louise Chopinet (Development manager at WiSEED) pointed out to us: “Poietis investment opportunity offers the chance to be part of the ongoing revolution in regenerative medecine. The technology is a step ahead from competitors.” Louise is also confident about Poietis’ capacity to generate revenues in an early phase. As she explained, companies like BASF are already using Poietis’ products and the technology can rapidly convince cosmetic and pharma giants.

WiSEED is not a usual crowdfunding platform, exchanging rewards against funding. Here, you give money in exchange of startup’s equity! So if you believe in Poietis’ vision and you speak French -unfortunately WiSEED is not available in English-, you can participate to the €600,000 fundraising available on this page.

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