Intrexon Corporation, a leader in Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology will change the way that energy, food and other industry products are produced. In the field of healthcare, synthetic biology holds the potential to drastically alter how diseases are detected, prevented and cured. As one of the most promising areas of modern science, synthetic biology is attracting the attention of several companies.

Founded in 1998 by Thomas D. Reed, Intrexon Corporation is a US specialist in synthetic biology. The company, now controlled by the biotech entrepreneur Randal J. Kirk, is focused on exclusive channel collaborations and joint ventures with collaborators in several industry markets (health, food, energy, environment, consumer) to create biologically based products that improve the quality of life and health of our planet. Through the company’s proprietary technology platforms, Intrexon provides its partners with industrial-scale design and development of complex biological systems. Following its business model, the company has established to date several collaborations, namely with:

  • Histogenics (US-based company) – to develop universal donor chondrocyte cell treatments for cartilage repair therapies
  • Sanofi (France-based company) – to work towards enhancing the production process for a specific family of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • OvaScience (US-based company) – to accelerate the development of a next-generation approach to in vitro fertilization and to create new applications for improving human and animal health.

As a research and development dedicated company, Intrexon has been actively looking at expanding its expertise in several synthetic biology-related fields. In this regard, Intrexon has recently acquired to date some few companies / startups, particularly:


  • ActoGeniX (Belgium-based company) – biotech spin-off company working on oral drugs that generate therapeutic proteins and peptides from within the body. Acquisition for €53M announced last week.
  • Medistem (US-based company) – to develop universal donor chondrocyte cell treatments for cartilage repair therapies. Acquisition for €19M announced in December 2013.

According to Bill Miller (former Chairman and CIO of Legg Mason Capital Management), Intrexon has the possibility to be the best US stock of the decade, denoting company’s high-potential. What do you think about that?

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