Labiotech Goes Ape With Treetop Adventures!

We pride ourselves on our company culture because let’s be honest, it rocks. But that only comes if you nurture it like we nurture Klaus; with love, a bit of water, and exciting team activities!

How to create the best team building activity:

Step 1: Take them to a beautiful place with incredible trees.

Step 2: Make them face their fears and hang precariously from trees.

Step 3: Watch them make the full body transformation into monkey people and purposely fall off the edges (or help each other).

Because we have an amazing team support (shout out to Anna), we have the coolest team activities. This time we ended up at Hochseilgarten Jungfernheide, a treetop wonderland full of zip lines, Tarzan ropes, and death-defying climbing walls (pause for dramatic effect).


  1. When the people who were afraid of heights made the monkey transformation (Alex even completed the super difficult course!)
  2. When Maxime decided to try this:
  3. When Alessandro turned into Superman:
  4. There was a dog!

It was a wonderful day and we all came away with some impressive war wounds to wow our friends. If you’re thinking about what to do for your next team event, give this a go! If you want some more inspiration, we’ve also had a board game night and gone trampolining.

If you want to join our team then make sure to check out our join the team page! We’re always looking for fresh talent 😉

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