Auf Wiedersehen, Labiotech! Evelyn Leaves for London

It has been a wild year and a half since I joined, but for personal reasons, it’s time for me to move on. Find me doing valuations for Duff & Phelps!

I originally came to Berlin from New York with the intention of finishing a Ph.D. in chemistry (and indulging in bread and techno); but one day when I was looking for blogging inspiration, I stumbled on a local startup that had risen to become Europe’s leading digital medium for biotech news — and it was looking for an editor.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to leave chemistry behind, but I was really curious about the position and Sure they wouldn’t want to hire me and I wouldn’t be in a place to make a decision, I applied. When they did make me an offer, I panicked: I really wanted the job, but I (and my advisor) had already invested so much in the Ph.D. Was I really going to throw that away?

After a lot of bread and techno, I closed my eyes and made the leap — and never looked back. It’s an amazing feeling to find not just a dream job but one that also pushes you to grow and take charge. At, I had the opportunity to cultivate my passion for biotech analysis, work with a small team and make an impact, and perhaps most importantly, just have fun.

I used to bicycle over this bridge to the office every morning — weather permitting, of course.

While my passion for and its project hasn’t waned over the year and a half that I have led the editorial team, personal circumstances change, and it’s with regret that I’m announcing my departure from the company. I’ve accepted an offer to join the Valuations Advisory healthcare team at Duff & Phelps’ London office. It was a hard decision to leave and Berlin, but an easy decision to make the move.

Big change, right? My cat certainly thinks so: she started life on the streets of Brooklyn and is now such a jet-setter that she has a German (pet) passport. We’re both sad to be leaving the cozy life we built for ourselves in Berlin, but in every end is a new beginning — for us as well as

In no time, there will be a new Editor-in-Chief to help lead the company to new heights of success! I wish the company and all of the readers the best in the future. Look me up on LinkedIn if you want to stay in touch 😉

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