BIOStartr & partner to bring freshness to the Biotech Industry

Good news to start the month of June, we are partnering with BIOStartr, the first digital accelerator for Biotechs. The team, based in Munich-Germany, shares the same vision we have: Biotechnology needs freshness. 

BIOStartr is the first digital accelerator for biotechs. Recurring financial challenges plague the biotech sector. BIOStartr helps biotech startups to find funding and support. BIOStartr’s goal is to globalize the field and to lower risks for both, biotechs and investors. By providing valuable assistance, BIOStartr helps promising biotechs shine. The online platform keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest projects and news. Biotechs, investors, incubators and potential partners are now conveniently located – at

And here is an illustration to summarize why every European Biotech with funding needs should think about BIOStartr:


The partnership will bring higher visibility to both of us. Our website and news will be promoted to their community and we will promote BIOStartr to our audience. We have both a lot to win from this partnership, and in the future, we may even extend our collaboration.

I am excited to announce this partnership and I am sure we will be able to do great things together.

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