Cedric Brock, Niklas Cvetanovski & Claudio Frazao join the blogger team of LaBiotech.eu

LaBiotech.eu is getting bigger. 3 new guys are joining the team (in order of appearance in the photo):

  • Cedric Brock is a French Biotech engineer/master of science who worked few year at GSK in the UK and is now back in south of France. He loves to write great reviews about deep topics as for example the ones he did about Ebola.
  • Niklas Cvetanovski is from Denmark and earned a master of science in Biotechnology as well as a master of science in Business Administration & Bioentrepreneurship. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and like to be in between the science and the business to bring great research on the market.
  • Claudio Frazao is from Portugal and earned a master of science in Biotechnology from Universidad de Aveiro and did an exchange semester in Lund, Sweden. He is specialist in Biocatalysis and Cleantech linked to Biotech.

We are happy to welcome them in the team and hope you will like their article. If you want to get in touch with one of them, feel free to shoot them an email by using this scheme of email address firstname-at-labiotech.eu.

Wanna join the team? We may also be interested in your profile. You can send us a short email at contact-at-labiotechgroup.com with a short description of yourself and a link to your Linkedin profile and we will get back to you.

Let’s change the European Biotech News sector all together 😉

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