Discover India’s Growing Biotech ecosystem in our Latest Documentary!

India is now the fastest growing economy in the world. It is an incredible kaleidoscope of 1.3 billion people, nearly 1000 languages, and 10,000 sub-cultures and countless varieties of cuisine and traditions within. And among many things, India is without a doubt set to be a present as well as future hub of Biotech & Pharmaceutical sectors.

Labiotech Tour India is the first ever business documentary on the country’s biotech & pharma industry in one of the foremost rising economic powers of the world; and showcases the evolution, expert opinions, trends, practices etc. from India.

Here you go:

And that’s the last documentary we are doing for our World Tour of Biotech ecosystem. It was an amazing experience where we wet incredible people and learned so much. Thanks again to everybody who helped us making all this possible!

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