French-German agreement to develop a Kartoffelsalat therapy [ Happy Easter ;-) ]

Standard treatments to take the edge off your hunger normally include fatty or highly caloric snacks. However Kartoffelsalat is a light dish generally prepared with vinegar, potatoes, oil, vegetable broth, bacon bits, parsley, red onion and topped with chive and served warm. Several German and French biotech start-ups have joined this initiative to fulfill this unmet medical need.

Phase II clinical study was successfully completed and Kartoffelsalat displayed faster onset of hunger disappearance, compared to traditional therapies. The Program just initiated phase III, which will include two pivotal trials in patients feeling peckish.

Frank Somebody

Frank Somebody, CEO of Bio-invented stated: “We expect the current study to further confirm Phase II data that showed Kartoffelsalat was safe and highly effective in providing procedural fullines.

This is a pioneer approach to fight ravenousness. However, its principal competitor, Austrian Erdäpfelsalat, is catching up with the French- German initiative.

Happy Fool’s day!

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