Get Ready for the Second German Biotech Tour: The North German Tour is on its Way!

Did you like our first movie on South German Biotech Ecosystems?  A second one is on its way, from Frankfurt up to Denmark’s border, including Germany’s capital Berlin as well as other biohotspots such as Hamburg, Dresden and the Ruhrgebiet area! Welcome to our new project the Northern Germany Biotech Tour!

As a reminder, with more than 700 companies focused on biotechnology and more than 30 000 people employed in this sector, Germany is one of the leading European countries in the biotech field. With such impressive figures, a single movie giving a complete overview of the German biotech ecosystem was simply impossible. This is why we decided to create a second Tour focusing on the North of Germany. This second Tour will allow you to compare North & South German Biotech Ecosystems, and let us warn you, the fight will be rude!

  • Round 1 : Figures to Figures : In the first corner, the North German Biotechnology sector rounds up 380 companies; and in the second corner, South Germany gathers 320 companies. Advantage to North Germany!
  • Round 2 : LaBiotechMap Test : LaBiotech Map sums up innovative companies in the field of biotechnology all over Europe (and the job is still ongoing). The map identifies 51 companies in South Germany and 30 for the North of Germany. South Germany strikes one back!

With One point on each side, Round 3 will be crucial!

  • Round 3 : Interviewed Companies: 18 companies such as Curevac, Immatics or Apogenix have been interviewed for the South German Tour.
    To date, Bitop, Mologen and GeneQuine have already joined us for the North German Tour, but there is still a long way to go, in order to get as many interviews as for the Southern Tour.

You want to help us and be part of the project? You can introduce us to great companies or promote the project, and are willing to participate directly as a company? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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