Happy Easter! With Love & Chocolate

It is nearly time for one of my favourite celebrations of the year, the celebration of chocolate! 

I read somewhere that eating dark chocolate is actually good for you and helps you to live longer (note I said dark chocolate. Vegans unite!). I don’t care about the validity of the study, I think it’s the best, most delicious advice I’ve ever been given. So, therefore, my Easter weekend will be spent focusing on improving my health, a.k.a eating at least my body weight in chocolate.

The whole team is excited about their long weekend. I think most of the plans involve doing absolutely nothing apart from relaxing, another soul improving activity. I hope you have just as relaxing a weekend planned so you can regenerate over a block of chocolate.

We hope you have a lovely long weekend and we will see you after the break! Don’t worry, we will still have some news for you to read so you don’t get bored 😉

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