Labiotech — Escape Room Edition

Being the great bunch that we are — and Maxime the escape room nerd, we decided to head out to an escape room for our quarterly team event, with the help of our organizing God, Anna 🤓

The coolest part about escape rooms is you never really know what someone’s secret nerd-dom is. Maybe they’re really good with word problems or finding patterns. Finding out what everyone’s good at is part of the fun, in the mission to save the world from aliens or knock down the Berlin Wall. Plus, there’s always a sense of accomplishment when you crack some sort of code or get through a door.

A couple of us have never tried it so it was a perfect occasion to bring out the inner Sherlock and obviously make use of that great team spirit we have. Now, I cannot disclose the full details, but I can tell you this: IT WAS AWESOME!

Jon approves

We started off at Hipster Escape Party with the entire team playing one game (you’d be surprised how well 10 people can actually coordinate) designed as trying to find your way out after a big party and a massive hangover (big party- count us in). We were so good that we even won two bottles of Prosecco to keep the party going! 🍾🍾

Next we headed off to Labyrintoom where we split in two and had a go at The Cube and Leonardo da Vinci rooms. For The Cube, you walk into a white room, with nothing but a white cube in the middle, wearing white gloves and white shoe covers. How cool is that?! The Leonardo da Vinci room was in Jon’s words (our funniest intern yet): “This was my first escape room, and it was bonkers, confusing and amazing. I will have a pathological suspicion of normal rooms for the rest of my life.”

We absolutely loved it, so if you’re thinking about what to do for your next team event, give this a go! If you are a escape room nerd and want to invite us don’t hesitate! We want more 😜!

Do you think team building is important? What’s your best or worse experience?
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