Reinforcements Have Arrived: the Labiotech team is growing

Hello friends,

It seems like only yesterday my picture was taken and I was welcomed with open arms into the best company in the world (Philip & Joachim read every article).

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing our two new team members!


Maria  was tired of the Spanish sun and decided to come to Berlin to drink Club Mate and help us as a marketing assistant. She already has the Labiotech spirit and bets are on about if she will ever return to Spain one day.


Our most recent recruit is Lara, still shy as she hides behind plants (see the team picture). Half German, half Kiwi, she is our new project manager intern to help us to bring some order to our numerous great daily ideas. For the moment, we’ve managed not to scare her.

To mark the occasion and since the team is growing fast, we took a new picture!


P.S Feel free to hang it into your room, print it, share at work and/or to send it to your grandmother for Christmas

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