We’re on our way to become even more INTERNational!

As promised, we are now ready and able to introduce you to our latest reinforcements in our Berlin office! Making their way from all over Europe to complete our team, they take our international environment to a whole new level!

Meet our young and restless interns Clara Rodríguez Fernández, Alessandro Rinaldi and Philipp Kopp.

After finishing her M.Res. at Imperial College in London, Sevilla-born Clara decided to bring some Spanish sun to the German capital. Since the end of September, she has been enriching our editorial team with her journalistic skills (you have definitely read some of her awesome content). Believe us: this bioengineer knows what she’s talking about!


Balsamic vinegar is not the only relevant exportation from Modena, in Italy. It is also hometown to this young scientist, who already headed further north a few years ago. In Dresden, where he studied and worked for the prestigious MPI-CBG, Alessandro learned everything a Molecular Bioengineer needs to know (besides flawless German skills). Good for us, he turned his back on Academia and now supports our team since October as the Business Development Manager!


And last, but not least: Meet Philipp. And guess what? His history is also Academia shaped. After having completed his B.Sc in Biology last year, he left the beautiful city of Freiburg to continue his scientific career in Copenhagen. Now, we are glad to have him as a marketing assistant and as the last member of our trio!

P.S: He is not to be mistaken with me, Philip with one P.

We aim to have by our side the best in the business to take over the Biotech Media Industry! I’m excited and happy to have them on our team and I’m sure we’ll do great work together.

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