Mazel tov, the Israeli Biotech Industry is now on our Labiotech Map!

Hey Guys, have you ever zoomed out from our European Biotech Map? 

israel_biotech_teva_pluristem_biopharma_qualitas_aquanosBack then you probably found no more biotechs and biopharmas than those you were already familiar with (like the US-Israel giant, Teva). Well that can change!

Check out our updated Biotech Map and you will find that Israel has over 40 biotechs ready for you to explore.

These include the placenta derived cell therapy specialists Pluristem (in Haifa), immunotherapy generalist SciVac Therapeutics (Rehovot) and the plant genomics focused Evogene (also Rehovot).


Just some of the biotechs we’ve added to our map of Israel…

There are also some interesting Greentech startups over there, including the Algae growing waste-water recyclers Aquanos (in Shoshanalt HaAmakim) and the Vegan Omega-3 supplement biotech Qualitas Health (Jerusalem).

Have we missed anything matching our selection criteria (money raised, public value and revenues etc.)?
Please reach out to me (claire – at –, and I will have a look.

Have fun exploring the first Map of European Biotechs and Mazel tov on your way!

Feature Image Credit: A ‘Holy City’ sunset – Jerusalem

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