Fresh New Interns For Labiotech Team! 🇬🇧 🇷🇴

It’s time to welcome some fresh, bright eyed newbies to our team! We have two new interns for our editorial and marketing team, Jon and Laura. Let’s meet them!

Jon joins us from the UK as our new journalist intern. He is a fan of bugs, has fantastic one liners for every occasion, and performed the greatest rendition of the song ‘Barbie Girl’ that I have ever witnessed. He’s already started writing some brilliant articles so have a read of them and make sure you give him some feedback!

Having lived in Romania, Italia, Scotland and Switzerland, she is now a Berliner. After a short journey down the PhD lane, Laura is now our new community manager intern, so you will hear from her more and more as she becomes one of the voices of Labiotech. Wish her a warm welcome through our social media!

Do you want to join us? Keep an eye out on our join us page for the next opening, otherwise see if you can dazzle us with a random application!

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