LaBiotech Tour: How well do you know Denmark?

Denmark is a 43 000 km² small rock, accounting around 5,7 million inhabitants and is located in Northern Europe or the South of Scandinavia (the debate is still wide open…). Forget your classical tourist guides, Labiotech Tour will give you a REAL (Relatively Exhaustive and Ambitious Look) overview of this country. Check out these (unexpected) Fun Facts:

  • Danish People, or modern Vikings, are famous for having conquered Occidental Europe and North Africa.
  • Today the country (or rock) is still a monarchy led by one of the eldest European Royal Families.
  • Respect to the modern Vikings way of life! Ask the 2008 World Audit which ranked Denmark as the most democratic and least corrupted state in the world.
  • Even England recognizes their happiness and well-being: the 2007 study of Cambridge University admitted Danish people as the happiest people in the European Union.

Okay, these facts have nothing to do with our topic of interest… Denmark, besides from its famous brands such as Lego or Calsberg, also has a long history of Innovations:

  • Bluetooth Technology results of a consortium between different Scandinavian companies. It is called “Blue Tooth”, because of King Harold’s passion for blueberries, which left him distinctive blue teeth and a funny nickname. King “Bluetooth”, famous for unifying Scandinavia back in the 10th century, inspired Bluetooth Technology to bring people closer together.
  • The country has the highest rate of Nobel Prize winners in comparison to its number of inhabitants (we assume bikes and sheep were not considered as inhabitants).
  • And best of all (hope you are sitting down), in 2012, the Scientific American Worldview Scorecard survey listed Denmark as the second best innovative country regarding biotechnology worldwide!

With tremendous companies, like Novozymes, NovoNordisk or Chr Hansen, the Viking country has the potential to become one of our best Biotech Tours ever! Help us unveal the REAL (the real meaning of real) potential of this country! You can introduce us to great companies, promote our project or wish to participate directly as a company? Please do not hesitate to contact us at
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