March For Science 2018 – Vive La Résistance!

At Labiotech it may come as very little of a shock that we are science nerds. And it may come as even less of a shock that you, our readers, also fall into that bracket of science lovers. So let’s protect this thing that we love at the March for Science!

The March for Science popped up last year after some … interesting moves from the Trump administration (saying global warming is a hoax, putting a gag order on scientists in the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the dissemination of their research and findings, pulling out of the Paris Agreement, freezing research grants… the list goes on).

In response to this, a series of rallies and marches were organised, not only in Washinton D.C. but all around the world to make it heard that this was not ok. What started as a protest turned into a global movement showcasing the importance of freedom in the search for scientific truth at all levels, be it for education or political legislation.

Last Saturday, 14th April marked the latest March for Science events. Millions of people all around the world took to the streets to advocate for science and evidence-based policies by government officials.

While marches are great and are full of passionate people taking action, we really enjoyed how the March was implemented in our home city Berlin. In a bar.

Known as Kieznerds (neighborhood nerds), groups met up in their local pub to have real discussions about science and the issues surrounding their freedoms. What better way to protest than meaningful discussions over a pint? Labiotech was brought to you with love and beer, these guys seem to have the same idea 😉

We also really appreciate the humor and creativity that comes out of such frustrating times. It really goes to show that whatever is thrown our way, you can’t dampen the spirits of those who fight the good fight. Vive la résistance!

Here are some of our favorite signs we saw from this year’s event:

Did you take part in March for Science this year? Let us know what you got up to and inspire us all to keep fighting in the name of science! 

Bonus fun fact, there’s a Twitter hashtag called #MarchFURscience … you’re welcome.

Final picture credits to @ScienceMarchFLG

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