Another milestone: We’ve published over 1,500 articles on!

When we started (read more) we didn’t know the impact it would have. When we turned 1 year old, we had some remarkable results. Today, we reached another milestone: More than 1,500 articles have been shared with you since we launched our beloved website!

From all the content we’ve published over the last (almost) two years, we’ve created long and detailed reviews, video reports and short (but valuable) news articles since the launch.

And they have been written by a wide range of people: the team in Berlin, our lovely (international team of) bloggers and several guests and contributors from within the industry. So here we compiled 10 articles that belong to Labiotech history which had the biggest audience.

It’s a good way to go down memory lane and relive our progress until now…


Ultimate Review: CAR-T is The Game-changer in Cancer Treatments


18 of the Best European VCs for Biotech in 2016


Immunotherapy reaches Breakthrough in eliminating HIV

1_qiagen_vs_illumina_next_ngs_fightQiagen vs. Illumina, the next Big Fight in Next-gen Sequencing


Needle-Free Diabetes? European MedTech Inventions Which Painlessly Measure Blood Glucose!


Genomics Holy Grail: The Secret to Super-Longevity Lies in your Genes…

The best is yet to come. Stay tuned!

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay

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