Shout Out To The Labiotech Mums, Happy Mothers Day!

It was Mothers Day in Germany (and NZ) on Sunday! It probably is in other countries too, so Happy Mums Day to you too. We want to take a minute or two to give a shout out to all the great mamas of the Labiotech family. Here are a couple of them in all their glory. Thanks for being awesome Mum!

Philip’s Mum:

My mum has incredible green fingers and knows most of the plants by their Latin names (it’s very impressive). This is helping Klaus and the other Labiotech resident plants a lot, encouraging them to keep growing big and strong.

She loves networking and talking to many different people. That means it can take a while to leave events or parties. Her superpower is her ability to stay always positive with a smile, a highly underrated power in my opinion 😉

Clara’s Mum:

My mum is the most resourceful person I know. Anything you are struggling to get done, she will find a way to do it. One of the things she does best is travel planning. Just mention where you’re thinking of going and she will have found ten different options and combinations with the best prices. This picture is actually from one recent family trip she organized to Morocco.

My mum is a super active person. When she’s not in the gym, she’s dancing, singing, riding her bike or reading a new book about any interesting topic from neuroscience to the microbiome. She also travels a lot, often with my dad to classical music trips to opera performances all over Europe.

My mum also has great cooking skills. Her “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette) is the best in the whole world.

Anna’s Mum:

My mum descends from a line of artists. Creativity and creating magic with one’s hands runs in her blood. The biggest and most challenging magic she has created was raising 5 awesome children (especially the last one, Anna!) over the span of 10 years and keeping everybody in the family sane while doing so. Now that all of her children have grown up and flown the nest, she rocks at being an awesome graphic designer and an even more awesome grandmother for her first two grandchildren. She herself says that if she hadn’t been born a girl she would probably have become a carpenter. She loves to take on little building projects around the house and getting her hands dirty. She gets especially unsettled when she hasn’t been taking care of her garden for a while. She just likes to get things done!

Another superpower: Kersti knows the astrological signs of everybody; every celebrity, every friend, every friend of a friend, and sometimes just random people. She often forgets the names of all the friends of her 5 children, sometimes she even confuses the names of her own sons, but then she just refers to them as “the Libra”, “the Scorpio”, “the Capricorn” etc. She even knew Beyonce is a Virgo without me telling her! She has a deep understanding of the spiritual world, has a warm, open and understanding mind for absolutely anybody and can provide the best guidance when needed.

Kat’s Mum:

My mum, Helen (looking super fine on the left), is a paediatric nurse who thinks babies are the cutest things in existence (I definitely didn’t pick up that trait, animals are way cuter).

She loves reading everything and anything, dogs, explaining in great detail the updates for her garden, tramping, knitting (she’s finally over her tea-cozy phase… I think) and sitting in the sun with a G&T.

Mum has been a constant state of awesome, driving me constantly to dance class, being my personal doctor/therapist, and sending me exciting gifts including her latest knitting creations and sticking plasters.

Alex’s Mum

My mom holds an MBA from Northwestern University and spent 14+ years working in the derivatives (futures and options) industry in Chicago. Before that, she earned a BA in French from Knox College (same place I studied 🙂) and an MA in Russian. She grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is of Bulgarian descent. She is now retired and enjoys cooking, reading, museums, and getting together with friends.

When is Mother’s Day in your country and what did you do for your mum? Comment below to let us know!

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