Labiotech Welcomes a New (And Amazing) Editor-In-Chief!

Exciting news in the Labiotech family, we have a new Editor-in-chief! Please give a warm welcome to Helen!

Helen joins us from the UK, but also has roots here in Germany, so welcome Helen! She has 10 years of experience in digital journalism in the life science space and is ready to bring our content to the next level.

Where has she worked before?

Helen studied genetics at the University of Leicester, Human Behaviour and Evolution at UCL, and has also spent time working in a lab in Cambridge at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (where they did human genome stuff).

Eventually, she decided that being a researcher wasn’t the path for her and went on to try and be a writer. Lucky for us! After getting some advice from a friend’s boss, Helen got a job as an assistant editor in a journals publishing firm called the Future Science Group. Here she learned lots about how to write, edit and how science is published. Skipping ahead, before getting the best job ever (this one), Helen worked at the Biochemical Society in the UK as Editor of The Biochemist magazine and The Biochemist Blog, giving her some awesome experience to rock this job 😉

The fun stuff!

This may come as a shock, but Helen loves reading! She even ran her own book club in London! She’s also into endurance sports (she’s completed 4 half marathons 😮), downhill skiing, photography, and travel.

Helen has already written a few articles, have a look and give her some feedback!

Jealous and want to join our team? Head over to our team page and see what we have on offer!

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