New LaBiotech Tour in preparation: UK

United Kingdom’s Biotech industry is the second largest in Europe. The country is home to prestigious universities, a developed industry including large Pharma companies such as GSK, AstraZeneca, and Shire as well as many dynamic Biotech centers.

This 5th step of LaBiotech Tour, World Tour of Biotech Ecosystems, is going to feature 15 Biotech companies (small, medium and large) from Edinburgh to London. 2 companies, Puridify and Desktop Genetics already participate, and many more coming soon. Filming is going to take place end of February and public release end of March.

You can also be part of the project. You can introduce us to great companies or promote the project, and you could be willing to participate directly as a company. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

And you can find more information about this tour on

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