Labiotech Hires More Pink Stick Figures!

Just like Jack’s beanstalk, we keep on growing! With new people come new ideas. But it also means more competition for the comfy seats at lunch (crates may look cool but they are definitely not comfortable). Regardless of the sore butt situation, we are super happy with these three newbies! So here’s welcoming these cool cats:

Cornelia comes from Deutschland! She is bringing our quota of Germans up but the French still reign supreme (3 French vs. 2 1/2 Germans). Cornelia is our office manager and has already done a fantastic job at organizing the team, the lunch area, the grapes and many more things! Cornelia is still a child at heart and buys games for her son in order to play them herself. I think he can expect a game of exploding kittens for Christmas!

Welcome to Alfredo, our Italian stallion graphic designer. Coming from Modena, the city of Ferrari, Alfredo is on a mission to beautify Labiotech. He also has the impressive talent of being able to grab things with his feet🙊(and he’s pretty proud of it!) Keep a look out for the awesome new designs of our banners, social media posts and anything else designy.

Our latest addition to the team comes all the way from Canada, and to stay true to the stereotype, is ridiculously nice. Marijana has filled the position of marketing manager for the sales department. Marijana enjoys fairy lights, scented things, and is currently showering in her jandals. For those of you who don’t know what a jandal is, go to NZ.

Welcome to you all and I’ll meet you on the couches!

P.S. We really need to update our team picture..

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