Happy New Year 2018 – Bring It On!

Haaaaaappppyyy New Year!!

We made it! We survived the year of ’17. We dodged the exploding rockets at new years, survived the vicious storm Xavier, and generally avoided the feeling of face-planting in a sandpit. Overall, it’s been a year of success!

Here’s a snapshot of some of our milestones:

2017 has been a lot of fun and we’re pretty proud of our achievements. Now we’re going to rock on into 2018 and continue with our goal of bringing you the best biotech news in Europe. Stay tuned for more exciting developments. Bring it on!

We would love to hear your feedback – tell us what you love, what you don’t love so much, and what you would like to see happen in the future. Drop us a comment below or flick us an email to contact-at-labiotech.eu.  

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