From Paris to Berlin: We give you Bettina!

Hi there! Remember when a few weeks ago I told you that we had more news but it would only be revealed in due time?

Voilá! I’m more than happy to introduce to you our new team member, Bettina Sabarly! She arrived around mid-March to join us in our Berlin office. Besides a Master’s Degree from the Neoma Business School in Rouen (France), where she majored in entrepreneurship and wrote a thesis on ‘Venture capital and innovation: How to finance biotech start-ups?’. Bettina also earned a Bachelors in Biochemistry from the Université René Descartes in Paris, where she was born.

She will be joining forces with Jerome to manage the Business Development “department” (yes, we have a very strict organisation).

Random facts? She likes unicorns, backpack travelling, has been a horse rider for almost twenty years, competed Nationally in Horse jumping, travelled almost all of Asia and was in India as part of an exchange program.

It’s great asset to have someone like her on our team (of 9 people now!) and it will help us lead the way towards success. Yay!

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