We pitched at our Investor’s Demo Day (and it was great)

Hi there,

We told you in September, we joined the acceleration program Project Flying Elephant.

This program, led by our lead investor WestTech Ventures, is a 3-month acceleration program which helps start-ups mature – and helped us a lot. Such programs always end with a big demo day where all start-ups from the “cohort” pitch in front of investors to help them fly with their own wings (our investor even want elephants to fly).

And so I pitched to 150 investors last week in the Microsoft Atrium. It was a 5 minute pitch where I tried my best to make Labiotech.eu look the most attractive possible to investors – and it worked!

We had some good follow-up talks and it could be helpful in the coming months 😉

Here are some pictures for you to relive the event:demo_day_crowd

All these people acclaiming Labiotech.eu :p


Me and the rest of the team behind me


Open food and beers/vine, great for making good connections


Joachim and my friend Arnaud enjoying a glass of wine

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