Let’s Give A Shout Out To The Labiotech Dad’s!

It’s Fathers Day in Germany! It probably is in other countries too, so Happy Dad Day to you too. We want to take a minute or two to give a shout out to all the great papas of the Labiotech family. Here are a couple of them in all their glory. Thanks for being awesome Dads!

Philip’s Dad:

My dad is passionate about microbiology, biochemistry, and hygiene, and has been a research scientist his whole career. Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case!

He loooves and knows all French cheeses (once again, apple falling incredibly close to that tree). He also flies around in small 4-seater planes, even from Paris to Berlin!

Clara’s Dad:

My dad studied physics, and although he works in IT he’s definitely kept a passion for science that’s been passed on to me through a lifetime of lunch discussions — although I ended up a bit of a rebel and became the only one of the four of us to not study physics and went for biotech instead.

My dad can tell you random and super interesting facts about anything, not only about science but also history, psychology, or politics. But one of his favorites topics is music. He is an amateur pianist and a hardcore fan of classical music and can recognize and give you the name of any classical piece that starts playing on the radio. This picture of him is actually from an open-air opera festival he went to with my mom — one of many opera trips they’ve made.

My dad is also an awesome cook and can improvise an amazing meal from anything that is in the fridge. And his gazpacho is the best in the whole world.

Anna’s Dad:

My dad Toomas has a Ph.D. in music history and is the most feared (by students who didn’t study for the exam) and simultaneously most respected professor at his university.

He is also a conductor and has his own summer music festival for early music lovers with sophisticated taste (this year we celebrate 25 years!).

He has a super-brain. No, really. He probably speaks 5 languages fluently and can improvise with any other language in those language groups. He also manages to keep inhuman amounts of wisdom and facts in his brain about any important topic in the world. Most of them are about Johann Sebastian Bach though. And he probably has no idea who the Kardashians are and which one of them is currently pregnant (so his brain has its limits too). He managed to support a family of 5 children through very difficult economic times, all while working as a teacher and writing his doctoral thesis at a Swedish university. So he is pretty close to being a superhero.

My dad has worked his way up and has become a very respected man in his field, often portrayed as serious. But only very few know that he’s just a big (almost 2 meters tall) cuddly teddy-bear who likes to crack everyone up with his (sometimes silly) jokes, and whose eyes light up when there are candy and cookies.

Kat’s Dad:

As you can probably tell, Lindsay was a full-blown hippy back in the day. The majority of his time was spent playing his guitar or listening to music, so not much has changed. These days you could also find him meditating on a rock somewhere or admiring the trees. As zen as he is, do not mess with his tomato plants, he’s already angry at the cockatoos for messing them up.

Dad is also a rockstar at making kombucha tea (which can explode and cover the ceiling with berries, living life on the edge!), eating stupidly hot food, and flawlessly quoting Monty Python. Multi-talented as you can see.

Dad and I share a similar outlook on life with a joint goal of running away to become happy pirates with a flock of freedom parrots. You thought I was weird? Well, he’s the reason why (and proud of it 😁).

When is Father’s Day in your country and what are you doing for your dad? Comment below to let us know!

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