Labiotech Become Ninja Warriors on Trampolines!

At Labiotech we don’t like to live by the motto of all work and no play. If we work hard and get the results, we think it’s very important to have that rewarded with some fun.

So what do we do? We go trampolining!

A massive warehouse filled with trampolines. Can you think of something better? I’ll wait.

Even though the next oldest person in the room was probably around 10 years old, the team got right on into it.

We started off being annihilated by a bunch of little kids in a couple of games of dodgeball. They only won because they’re smaller so have less body mass to hit… I swear it’s much harder to aim a ball while trying to not be double bounced by someone. That’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway.

Next, we attempted to be like Ninja Warrior with obstacle courses and flips. One of our newest members, Nick impressed us all with his flipping abilities while Alessandro was the only one who passed the Ninja warrior test. The rest of us really are Ninjas in real life so we didn’t want to show off our skills too much. 🕴

Surprisingly there were no injuries at the end of the day apart from a few sore necks and muscles that hadn’t been used in a while. I feel like that’s a major achievement for a group like ours, especially when you’re trying to avoid energetic children.

Does your team have fun activities? Comment below so we get some more ideas!

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