We are looking for 4 new interns!

Hi there,

Labiotech is growing exponentially and is on its way to change how people get informed about Biotech in Europe.

In order to progress in this vision, we are looking for 4 highly motivated people to join us. You will have important responsibilities, be autonomous, and work in a young, dynamic and great environment. Our office is in Berlin, Europe’s Silicone Valley, which is a great place to party, drink good beer or just go sightseeing. You will be paid, depending on your experience and the time you stay, and you could be hired after your internship.

Here are the details:

Summer offer (2 months):

Journalist intern:

You want to learn more about the Biotech industry? You will learn by doing and writing about the hottest topics in the field.

From September 1st on (4 to 6 months):

Journalist intern:

You will become a true expert in the field of Biotechs. No need to be a journalist initially, bio-science students suit very well for the position.

Marketing/Growth Hacking intern:

You have a very important mission; bring more and more people to our website. If you know the term growth hacking, you can contact us directly, if not, type it in Google and contact us afterwards.

Business Development intern:

Strategy and sales will be your daily life. You don’t need to be an expert in Biotechnology but it would be a plus. Engineers are also welcome if they want to experience Business Development. In short, we’re open to a lot of profiles: Business Schools, Media specialists, communication, scientists… Just be motivated!

If you’re interested, simply send us an email at contact-at-labiotechgroup.com (change -at- to @, it’s our anti spam) with your CV or LinkedIn profile. Don’t bother with a motivation letter, we’ll test you during a Skype call ;)

Ps: And most of all, you will see our avocado plant grow!


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