Welcome to our new office in Berlin ;)

Hello there,

We just moved in our new office in Berlin!

Last September, we moved to the German capital, so-called european silicone valley. I will describe you our adventure through a series of photos.

We started working at the St.Oberholz, temple for Startups/freelancers. It’s a big café in the center of Berlin, perfect to work: plugs everywhere, quality wifi, good coffee, open 7d a week and nearly 24h/24. Almost each entrepreneurs in town spent time there, as for example the guys from Soundcloud.

LaBiotech_St.Oberholz_Outside_low LaBiotech_St.Oberholz-low

Then, we moved mid-october to our first “real” office. We worked at our friends from LabFolder who had a room for us. This was a great first office with a stunning view on the TV tower from Berlin.

Office LaBiotech

And then, beginning of january, we moved to new offices few hundred meters further north. Here is a picture of how it looked like when we arrived:

Panorama LaBiotech Group-1-low

And here is the results after we added some furnitures, plants and some guys:

Panorama_LaBiotech Group_low

Now, let’s go back to work!

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