Здравствуйте – Russian Talent For Labiotech.eu

You may have noticed last year that we started improving our graphic identity. With the help of the wonderful Alfredo, we gave ourselves a sparkly new makeover to help show our brilliant personality and wicked flair.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Alfredo as he bounded off to continue with his other commitments. But dry your eyes, because now we can welcome Elena!

Elena comes all the way from Russia. She keeps her hometown a secret because she claims that nobody knows where it is anyway… Intrigue! She’s impressed us all by being able to survive the day with a delicious looking juice while the rest of us stuff our faces. Self-restraint is next level.

Elena is carrying on from what Alfredo started but adding her own personal flair on the way. You can already see some of the awesome work she’s put out for us:

  • Super cool banners

  • Awesome illustrated cover images

  • Stylish youtube thumbnails

Pretty cool huh? Let her know what you think of her work by dropping a comment below. She would love to hear your feedback!

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