Yes, there is now a Team of 9 people behind!

Last week was the shooting for the last cover of VOGUE magazine…

We all dressed up with our pretty Labiotech t-shirts and prepared our nicest smile. It was a challenge to all fit in the picture as we are now 9 people in the team – crazy as we were 5 last year at the same period.

On the first row, from left to right, you have Jerome (Business Dev.), Claire (Marketing), Denise (Journalist) and Bettina (Business Dev.). Upper rank, from left to right, you have Nuria (Event), Francisco (Marketing), Joachim (COO), me Philip (CEO) and Dani (Editor).

I couldn’t be more proud of this team which is doing an awesome job every day to build the future of digital media for Biotech.

Bonus: here’s a more funny/less boring team picture 😉


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