Last exclusive interview from #BIO-Europe 2015: Andre Hoekema, SVP Corporate Development of Galapagos

And here is the fourth interview I did at BIO-Europe 2015. This time, I am with Andre Hoekema, top-executive from the belgian Biotech success-story, Galapagos.

galapagos_logoWe recently covered extensively the 400-employee company based north of Bruxelles. It made the biggest IPO ever by a EU Biotech on the NASDAQ, raising 270 million euros. It also recently had AbbVie leaving from a megadeal.  Andre Hoekema has been with the company for over 10 years and it was a pleasure to be able to interview him on these two recent news events as well as on the rest of the firm’s strategy.

This will be our last video interview at BIO-Europe 2015. These videos aim to give you a live insight of the conference and bring you the views of key opinion leaders.

I would be curious to receive your feedback on the videos, and thanks to the ones who already sent me compliments.

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