Interview with Dominique Costantini, Ose Pharma’s CEO

Ose Pharma is a hot French biotechnology company right now. It is developing immunotherapy products against invasive/metastatic late-stage cancers. Ose pharma just announced the successful completion of its IPO to raise €21M on Paris Euronext’s stock market. Dominique Costantini is the CEO and co-founder of the company, and has a very solid track-record. She previously founded and led BioAlliance Pharma (now Onxeo) to successfully launch a product on the market, one of the very few French Biotech companies to have done so. Now she wants to reproduce this success with Ose Pharma. I was able to ask her some questions and here are her answers.

Dominique Costantini, Ose Pharma, CEO and Co-founder

Dominique Costantini, Ose Pharma, CEO and Co-founder

How your background leads you to work for Ose Pharma?


My pharmaceutical background with medico-marketing activities and BioAlliance Pharma’s IPO, are important, to lead Ose Pharma’s IPO. It’s a dual skill with oncology and registrations files which allowed me to anticipate the necessary elements for Ose Pharma, previously to its quotation at the stock exchange.

Could you tell us more about Ose Pharma activity?

OSE Pharma aims to develop an immunotherapy treatment, enabling patients with advanced cancer to live longer and maintain good quality of life, by stabilizing the progression of the disease.
OSE Pharma’s lead product, Tedopi®, is a patented combination of 10 epitope. They are selected and optimized from 5 tumor antigens, often present in invasive late-stage cancers.

Does the Ose Pharma drug (Tedopi) solve treatment issues?

Tedopi® is a personalized treatment for HLA-A2+ patients. The combinatorial approach of Tedopi®  will enable to deliver synergies and increase the duration of patients’ response after at least first line therapy failure. This optimized multi-epitopes technology and the clinical applications of OSE Pharma are considered as personalized medicine.

What differentiates Ose Pharma from its competitors?

A better survival rates with a limited impact on the quality of life due to the specificity of the response, are the objective of such T specific immunotherapy. Others treatments: surgery, radiotherapy chemotherapy… have today a limited survival rates for patients with lung cancer NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) when these patients have received numerous previous therapy lines.

What are your thoughts on the quick successful completion of your IPO?

Thanks for this strong demand and thanks for the trust of investors. The IPO allows us to reach a high visibility and one indication of this is the diversity of European investors (France, Netherlands, UK Germany…).

What’s the recent news that you’ve followed during the last months?

I would say the news on Immunotherapy field. The perspectives for Immunotherapy are wide.  The efficacy of immunotherapy against the chemotherapy is now established for some cancers with checkpoint inhibitors coming (Melanoma- NSCLC histological subtypes) . It’s a growing area.

What do you think about European Biotech Sector?

There are many dynamic companies in the European biotech sector. Many successful European biotech start-ups are now becoming strategic and companies tend to grow as we can see on Euronext’s regulated market.

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