Interviewing one of the Leading Biotech Investors in Scandinavia

The Karolinska Institute (Sweden) is worldwide famous for giving the Nobel Prize every year…

It’s also home of Karolinska Development, an investment company span out from Karolinska Institute. I had the chance to meet with Viktor Drvota, its Chief Investment Officer at BIO-Europe Spring 2016 in Stockholm.

We had a chance to talk about the history of Karolinska Development, how it evolved from being a pharma company to an investor quoted on the Nordic NASDAQ.

I also asked him questions about the latest investment in Aprea with an impressive €46M series A, the largest of the decade! Lastly, I asked him what he thinks of the Swedish Biotech ecosystem.

I’ll let you check the video for his answers…

Feature Image Credit: Philip Hemme interviewing Viktor Drvota at Bio-Spring in Stockholm

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