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Lost in the interwebz? Our weekly job post is here! Labiotech wants to make your job search easier and help you find an amazing new position. We have already looked for the top jobs of the week and now, it’s your turn to enjoy the offers. There are great options like Head of Marketing at Novartis or protein purification at GSK. Get an internship in Daiichi Sankyo!

Now it is up to you to go forward!😉

Research and Development

Principal Research Scientist at Roche. Hertfordshire, Uk Click here

Protein Purification Scientist at GSK. Stevenage, UK Click here

R&D Scientist Pharma at BayerWuppertal, Germany Click here

Business and Marketing

Head of Market Access at NovartisDublin, Ireland Click here

Product Manager at Vifor Pharma. Breda, Netherlands Click here

 Business Manager at Novozymes. Bagsværd, Denmark Click here

Clinical and Production


Process Optimization manager at BiogenZug, Switzerland Click here

R&D Quality Officer at GalapagosMechelen, Belgium Click here

Senior Animal Technician at Hookipa BiotechVienna, Austria Click here


Internship Process Simulation, Daiichi SankyoPfaffenhofen, Germany Click here


To companies who wish to advertise their job positions here:

Please contact us at contact-at-labiotech.eu

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