Climb Out of the Hole with These Job Opportunities

Hello biotechnologists,

Dug yourself into a hole? Climb on out with a new job! There are exciting vacancies waiting for you: Get involved as an electrophysiology scientist at Axxam! Just starting out? Take a look at the internship in biocatalysis at Lonza!

Research and Development

 Clinical Research Associate at Novo Nordisk. Malmö, Sweden. Click here

Electrophysiology Scientist at Axxam. Bresso, Italy. Click hereClinical Geneticist Interpretation at Blueprint Genetics. Helsinki, Finland. Click here

Business and Marketing

Marketing Manager (CPS) at RochePrague, Czech Republic. Click here

Business Unit Head Vision Care at Novartis. Grossostheim, GermanyClick hereKey Account Manager at CelgeneBudapest, Hungary. Click here

Clinical and Production

Regulatory Project Director at AstraZeneca. Cambridge, United Kingdom. Click hereFSP Manager at Parexel. Madrid, Spain. Click herePerformance and Compliance Manager at GSK. Wavre, Belgium. Click here


Biocatalysis at Lonza. Visp, Switzerland. Click here

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