Top 10 biotech internships to start an unstoppable career!

Hi new biotechnologists,

We have a special post for all of you still early in your careers. We have collected the best science internships in the top biotech companies for you! The first step for an unstoppable career is an internship and then up the ladder you go! Would you start with an internship in biosimilars, clinical research or communication? Now, the choice is at hand!

To space and beyond for an amazing career!

Research and Development internships


Biosimilar Pharmacy Practice at Biogen. Ismaning, Germany. Click here

Galenic Development Technician at Pierre Fabre. Castres, France. Click here

Pharmaceutical Development at Novartis. Basel, Switzerland. Click here

Business and Marketing internships

Corporate Communications at QiagenDuesseldorf, Germany. Click here

Content Management at Labfolder. Berlin, GermanyClick here

Supply Planner at GSKVerona, Italy. Click here

Clinical and Production internships

Tomato Breeding QTL Mapping at Enza ZadenEnkhuizen, Netherlands. Click here

Clinical Research at AbbVieMadrid, SpainClick here

R&D Laboratory Science at P&GLondon, UK. Click here

Quality Trainee at Roche. Barcelona, Spain. Click here

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